Sponsored Cycle around Church of Ireland Cathedrals in Northern Ireland

The Rector will be undertaking a cycle around all of the Church of Ireland Cathedrals in Northern Ireland in the middle of June this year, most likely Tuesday 11th June to Friday 14th June. In doing so, he will be cycling in the region of 275 miles in total and seeking to raise funds for two projects, the provision of a disabled toilet in the middle porch of the Cathedral for use by all and the installation of a 10, 000 litre water tank at Maridi Cathedral. The projects have been carefully chosen and matched in a sense and could be summarised as our corresponding “water projects”.

The provision of a disabled toilet in the Cathedral will make such a difference to those gathering for worship. Whether you are a young parent with a child you are toilet-training or someone on a fluid tablet, access to an appropriate toilet facility would make such a difference to your experience of worship.

The provision of a water tank at Maridi Cathedral will mean that the Church will be able to “harvest” water during the rainy season and then use that water in all kinds of ways, including drinking if purified appropriately, during periods when water is much less available. This will mean that the Church will be able to provide water to the community as well as save considerable amounts of money on an ongoing basis.

So, if you would like to support these two causes, please add your name to the list in any of the Church porches. By adding your name to the list, you will be making a huge difference to people for generations to come, not just in the immediate. Let’s make a lasting difference as we support these two causes and see God’s kingdom come through the provision of facilities which are considered to be so fundamental in the 21st Century.

Every single pound raised will be divided equally between each of the projects and any surplus will be given to Maridi Diocese for emergency needs. If you are a UK taxpayer, please add your address, including Post Code, to the list and tick the box giving us permission to claim the tax you have already paid. In doing so, we can claim a further 25% on each qualifying pound and all of this will go to each of the projects.