Made to worship Him

Coming together to praise and worship God is a privilege that can be beyond our understanding. Through Jesus we believe we can meet with God and enjoy His presence and grow from His teaching.

Worship is not just about singing – some of us can’t! But without a doubt music and the sound of our voices can lift us to higher place and focus our hearts on Him.

Normal Service Times

8:30am Early morning communion
10am Cathedral praise service
11:30am Morning service
6pm Evening Epilogue service

At Dromore Cathedral we recognise that there are different traditions of worship that make people most comfortable – and being comfortable is important to us. For that reason we have a range of Church services on a Sunday catering for a range of different tastes in music and worship style.

Our 8:30am communion service has no music but it’s simple reflective format is a haven for those looking to start Sunday in a special way.

At 10am we have our Cathedral praise service where people of all ages can come and enjoy a modern format service with new songs, our praise group leading with words on the screens and a relaxed informal atmosphere. During the 10am service children can leave to attend Kingdom Kids and Kingdom Tots – our Sunday School. Afterwards many continue the fellowship over a cup of tea or coffee in the Cathedral hall.

Our more traditional service begins at 11:30am where the choir and music director, Orly, lead hymns and worship using the organ and the liturgy.

Finally at 6pm we close the day with our evening service.

Let us come before him with thanksgiving and extol him with music and song.

For the Lord is the great God, the great King above all gods.

– Psalms 95:2-3