Easter General Vestry Meeting

The Annual Easter General Vestry Meeting took place on Thursday 11th April at 8.00pm in the Cathedral Hall.

The Rector read a portion of scripture from John 8, spoke on the need to follow Jesus, whatever the cost and referred to the persecuted Church living out the reality of the cost of that call in many parts of the world. The Minutes of the 2018 Easter Vestry Meeting were read by Julie Orr, Honorary Secretary, approved by those present and signed by the Chairman.

In his address, the Rector thanked all those who had worked tirelessly throughout the year in order to deliver the many things which had occurred within the life of the Church, specifying the key events which had been highlights in our Church calendar. The Rector then thanked all those who had been responsible for the care and maintenance of our buildings, specifically Bill Forsythe and Johnny Gordon and the team of volunteers who supported their work.

Lastly, the Rector thanked those present for their attendance and support, the whole team of willing volunteers, the staff team for their various contributions and asked for ongoing goodwill and support in the year ahead.